Company History

After seeing many people who are facing problems just in lack of much information about their profession we decide to help them and make their future better.

This is a first and well managed site for people who needs to be consulted.
We give advise here. In this busy life many people search for good and supported advice on which they can trust. Here we gave advise on different problems which makes peoples life complicated. The aim of our site is to resolve many daily life problems in which people need some support.

We started serving people with our best advices in july 2018. in starting we were only few members in our team but now we are a great team and we are providing our services in many part of our country India.

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Meet The Team

We are best team members we are always here to help you anyhow. We are always ready to respond you.

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Mukul Raj Singh


Mr. Mukul is founder of this freeadvices company. He is commited to help all needy persons. He is a good tutor as well and he is providing free eduction to some poor students.

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Mr. Sandeep

Business Adviser

Mr. Sandeep is a nice person. he always help us with his best advices. He is dedicated to help needy person in their business and finance.

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Mr. Bhanu Prakash Singh

Web Designer and Developer

Mr. Bhanu is web developer of our team.